I absolutely love my personal training sessions with Anna-Marie, she customises my workout to target the specific areas that I need to work on and makes it enjoyable to do! The results have been AMAZING!!! I have lost 9lbs in total, 6cm off my waist, 7cm off my hips and 3.5 cm just off one thigh!!! Definitely worth every penny!!!! – Lauren, Thrapston

I started using Anna-marie's services as I had an objective to reduce my blood pressure as well as lose a little bit of weight. Anna Marie took the time to research both the best physical exercises as well as the dietary requirements for my objectives. I was delighted to see that I reached my main objective ahead of schedule within 6 weeks despite having the issue for about 4 years.

Anna Marie is friendly approachable yet professional and I believe many people would benefit from her assistance – Richard, Thrapston

Anna-marie is a consummate professional who is truly passionate and committed to what she does. The PT training sessions have helped me increase my overall fitness levels beyond what I had hoped and improved my core strength significantly. I would highly recommend Adrenaline PT. A huge thanks to Anna-marie! – Triona, Thrapston

As well as helping me to achieve the weight and shape I have always wanted Anna-Marie has also used her knowledge and expertise to improve my performance in my other passion – golf! She is a great motivator and will help you to achieve your goal - Pat, Thrapston

I never stepped foot in a gym and hated exercising but when I had some PT sessions with Anna-marie my whole attitude changed and I just love working out now!! - Alison Spurr, Rushden

Can't believe I have lost an inch round my waist, half an inch round each thigh and an inch and half around my back in 12 weeks of personal training, thank so much Anna-marie. – Sherry Adams, Wellingborough

I have worked out for years and it wasn't until I had personal training with Anna-marie that I managed to target the areas which had always been a problem. I am now fitter, stronger and more toned than I have ever been, thank you so much Anna-marie for not only turning my body around but making the whole experience so much fun. – Tina, Wadenhoe

Amazing workout every time with Anna-marie. I always get a workout that targets every part of body and feel totally energised after every session. When I started out I was unable to do one press-up but after just a few sessions I achieved 15 full press-ups!! My body feels so toned and my energy levels have increased significantly. – Elaine Mease, Thrapston

I thoroughly enjoyed my PT with Anna-Marie as she made it fun, whilst she was brilliant at personalising it to my goals. I had a double mastectomy a year ago and she gave me the confidence to do the training during my recovery which enhanced my recovery! I haven't looked back since!! - Kara Smith, Raunds